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Axkid ONE 2 Car Seat

Axkid ONE 2 is a car seat that allows rear-facing travel up to around 7 years of age (61-125 cm and 23 kg). With the flexible fit, Axkid ONE 2 is made to be used as the only car seat throughout childhood. The seat is also designed to be easy and safe to install in under 30 seconds. Our test pilots are now sharing their reviews of Axkid ONE 2 in text and video format.

  • Product Axkid ONE 2
  • Commisioned by Axkid
  • Recommended price 625 GBP
  • Price for test pilots 312.50 GBP
  • Number of test pilots 30
  • Number of applicants 3,060

The test is carried out by Smartson on behalf of Axkid, where the test pilots can buy the product at a reduced price. The assignment is to evaluate and share their experiences in text and video format via Smartson.

Greeting from Axkid

Hello from us at Axkid! Great to hear you are interested in testing our latest innovation. Axkid ONE 2 sets new standards for child safety in the car. Together with its predecessor, the Axkid ONE 2 is the only rear-facing car seat with ISOFIX that is i-Size approved up to 7 years of age (125 cm and 23 kg). Rear-facing car seats are up to five times safer compared to forward-facing, which is why we at Axkid always advocate rear-facing for as long as possible. The car seat has unique functions such as sliding seat technology for the best legroom on the market, adjustable recline during the ride thanks to the Advanced Sleep Well System and a 30 second installation guarantee. We hope that you want to become a test pilot and one of the first to test the new Axkid ONE 2.

  • Best legroom on the market
  • 30 second installation guarantee
  • Advanced Sleep Well System
  • Swedish Plus tested