F-Secure TOTAL 2021

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F-Secure TOTAL 2021

Computers, mobile phones and tablets - are you connected most of your everyday life? F-Secure TOTAL offers online protection for all devices, and now 300 test pilots are using the service on their devices in exchange for text and video reviews. With TOTAL you get a password manager that collects all your passwords which means you only need to remember one password, an easy-to-use VPN (Virtual Private Network) as well as an internet security software with built-in parental control and banking protection. We are looking forward to hearing all about the test pilots’ experiences!

  • Product F-Secure TOTAL
  • Commisioned by F-Secure
  • Recommended price 80 GBP / year
  • Number of test pilots 300
  • Number of applicants 1,247

Test pilots try F-Secure TOTAL free of charge for 1 year on 3 devices. The subscription then ends automatically.

The test is done by Smartson on behalf of F-Secure at no cost to the test pilots. The assignment is to evaluate and share their experiences via video, in social media and through Smartson.

Greeting from F-Secure

We’re excited to see you test F-Secure TOTAL and get comprehensive online protection for all your devices. TOTAL includes an internet security software, a VPN (Virtual Private Network) and a flexible password manager where you can monitor your email address and receive alerts if your personal information is included in data leaks. We look forward to hearing what you think - surf safely out there!

  • Stop viruses and protect your money
  • Surf privately and protect your internet connection
  • Protect your passwords and prevent identity theft
Tom Gaffney, Security Consultant, F-Secure
Tom Gaffney

Security Consultant, F-Secure