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About Smartson

We want to get you involved and find out what you think! Instead of traditional advertising, we’re passionate about sharevertising; a concept where companies let consumers test their products and share their reviews on social media. With us, you get to test products and services and share your experience with others. Smartson has 390,000 users, and our clients are innovative companies who know that honesty is the best policy, and that great products deserve to be experienced.
It takes a great deal of courage for companies to put their product into the hands of a large number of people who will share their experiences and provide feedback, and it demonstrates their commitment to listening to the consumers. Products that have been tested and received positively by Smartson's test pilots are awarded a mark of quality in the form of a Crowdscore. This represents a reliable marketing channel for the companies that use the service. Furthermore, knowing what consumers think represents an important part of future product development.

Being a test pilot

Test pilots should be passionate about trying new products and services, and about sharing their opinions with others. You can apply to join tests via If you are then selected, we ask that you share your reviews of the product through channels like social media with posts containing text, images or video content. To get information on new tests, simply follow Smartson on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, via our newsletter, or at
Our goal is to offer exciting assignments for different product types and services to all of our users. This means that we have many tests where you can test products via Smartson free of charge. We also offer tests with slightly more expensive products, where the test pilot can buy the product or service at a reduced price if they share their experiences.
We use different distribution forms depending on the product and the type of test in question. For consumables/food products, you will generally receive a PDF coupon that you need to print out and take to the store. In some cases, you will receive a mobile coupon via text message that you then show at the store. Other products are shipped free of charge as a letter or package. Generally speaking, individuals taking part in tests do not pay any shipping – regardless of whether the product is purchased at a reduced price before the test or after. For tests requiring you to buy the product, the purchase is handled either directly via Smartson's webshop Shopify, or via the client's website or a specific retailer. We sometimes have tests where you get to try the product free of charge, and then must decide whether you want to buy it at a reduced price or return it free of charge. We are always clear about what applies in a specific test.
No, you need to be 18 years old to be a test pilot.
This varies from one test to another. For consumables, it tends to last 3–4 weeks, while for technical products it is 4–5 weeks.
The assignment differs depending on the test. Information about what is required is always provided in connection with the start of the test. We’d like your posts to feature text and images, or video content. Feel free to share them on the social media sites you are active on, like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, as well as on Smartson's test pilot blog. Quality is more important than quantity here.
If the test product arrives broken or breaks during the test period, please contact so that we can fix the problem. Complaints after the test period should be put to the manufacturer concerned. The full-price product warranty applies even if you purchase a test product at a reduced price. In such cases, the point of contact is the manufacturer.
We want you to hold on to the test product for at least 6 months after the end of the test period as we may have some follow-up questions for you. After that, it’s up to you what you do with the product.

Selection of test pilots

Depending on the product, we sometimes apply selection criteria supplied by our clients, for example geographic distribution and age. Sometimes, the test pilots are selected at random.
Interest in participating in our tests is very high. We think that’s great, but it also means that we cannot offer all those who want to become test pilots the chance to participate every time. The more tests we run, the more people will be able to participate. We also hope to be able to offer even more products in each test round – for example, by offering tests where participants buy the product at a reduced price since this enables the client to distribute a greater number of products and let a greater number of test pilots participate.

Buying products

Tests where test pilots buy the product at a unique, reduced price enable us to let a greater number of test pilots take part and test, for example, electronic products where the manufacturer can't absorb the cost of all the test products. What is expected from you varies for each test, but you always share your experiences and opinions, and in many cases write reviews on external sites.
We use three different terms – test pilot price, (unique) reduced price, and approximately half the market price. Here is an explanation of the different terms and what they are used for. Test pilot price – A price that applies for participating test pilots who buy the product before or after a test. A test pilot price is always defined in SEK XX. Reduced price – Used in body text where we have multiple products in a single test. We are always transparent with information about the reduced price and report it under “Read more about the test”. This applies to purchases both before and after the test. Approximately half the market price – Used when pricing is adjusted to reflect half the market price, with source data taken from different price comparison sites (reported on the respective campaign page under the application). We include the term “approximately” because the market price can vary over time, and the sales price may be reduced or sometimes increased between when you apply for the test to when you make the purchase. Only used when test pilots are expected to buy the product before the test.
You can return purchases for up to 14 days after delivery, as long as the packaging is unopened. Our entire Refund Policy can be viewed here:


We can't guarantee the availability of products in all stores, but in the tests where we use coupons, our clients ensure that the product has good coverage. In some cases, the products may be sold out. In other cases, the retailer may have decided against having this product on their shelves. You can always ask the retailer to start stocking the product. If you haven't been able to find the product by the time the test period is over, we ask that you fill out the evaluation form for the test (if one was sent for the test in question) and indicate that you weren't able to test the product.

Reviews and evaluation

In some tests, the test pilots' assignment is to post their review on independent review sites, like PriceSpy or PriceRunner. Information on which external sites apply for the test in question is sent when it is time for the test to start. Remember what username you have chosen for the site, as we usually ask for this in the evaluation form.
Read the email to see if we are missing something from you, like reviews, video clips/images or your responses on the evaluation form. When we talk about reviews, we are referring to social media posts and, in particular, posts on review sites (like PriceRunner). The evaluation is a web form where we ask for your final opinion. An email with a link to the web form is sent out at the end of the test period. Be sure to use the same email address for the evaluation as when you applied to avoid reminders.
On review sites, you can enter your name or chose a username before publishing your post. It is this username that we are requesting in the evaluation form so we can find your review on the site.