F-Secure TOTAL 2021


F-Secure TOTAL 2021

Computers, phones and tablets - how connected are you in your everyday life? F-Secure TOTAL offers online protection for all your devices. With TOTAL, you get a password manager that collects all your passwords and means that you only need to remember one password, you get a VPN (virtual private network) and an Internet security program with built-in parental control. Take a look at the reviews and opinions from 261 test pilots who have tried the product from F-Secure.

  • 85% of 261 test pilots recommends F-Secure TOTAL
  • Product F-Secure TOTAL
  • Commisioned by F-Secure
  • Recommended price 80 GBP / year
  • Number of test pilots 261
  • Number of applicants 1,247
  • Test period October 2021

Test pilots try F-Secure TOTAL free of charge for 1 year on 3 devices. The subscription then ends automatically.

The test is done by Smartson on behalf of F-Secure at no cost to the test pilots. The assignment is to evaluate and share their experiences via video, in social media and through Smartson.

What the test pilots think F-Secure TOTAL

The TOTAL apps are described as easy to install and easy to use. The apps work in the background without being noticed or affecting the device's performance. The test pilots experience F-Secure TOTAL as a safe and reliable complete solution for online protection, and that it works well on different types of devices. The test pilots who chose not to recommend the service found it difficult to install and get started. They also experienced that the device became a little slower to use, and that web pages or apps were blocked, for no apparent reason.

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85 % recommends (223 test pilots)

It’s simple to set up on various devices. I feel that it is keeping them secure and preventing any viruses and malware from corrupting them or gaining access to my private documents and data.
Geraldine Henson
F-secure offers a user-friendly screen that balances simplicity with the full features of a core antivirus software that protects you very well. Navigating the menus is simple and easy and allows you to fully protect yourself without the complexity of most software or with the intensity and demands that it makes on a phone.
Luke Younger
Easy to download and easy setup process.
Stephen Haddnet

15 % do not recommend (38 test pilots)

It was clashing with other applications and slowed down my laptop.
Andy B
The product has weaknesses, it is far too complicated to approve other software you have on the computer that F-Secure TOTAL does not like, but I as a user actually want to be able to have other software in the system, the product blocks the update every time the other software is updated and difficult to get around web pages that it wants to block.
Joakim Åkerö
The programs are complicated and not so user-friendly. I find that my computer is much slower now than before the installation of F-Secure.
Dennis Jacobsson

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Greeting from F-Secure

We’re excited to see you test F-Secure TOTAL and get comprehensive online protection for all your devices. TOTAL includes an internet security software, a VPN (Virtual Private Network) and a flexible password manager where you can monitor your email address and receive alerts if your personal information is included in data leaks. We look forward to hearing what you think - surf safely out there!

  • Stop viruses and protect your money
  • Surf privately and protect your internet connection
  • Protect your passwords and prevent identity theft
Tom Gaffney, Security Consultant, F-Secure
Tom Gaffney

Security Consultant, F-Secure