Terms of use


Please see the Smartson confidentiality policy for how we deal with confidentiality, your data, cookies, etc. Our confidentiality policy can be viewed at:

The terms below are applicable to users wishing to participate as testers via Smartson.


When you sign up as a tester, you agree to Smartson’s terms of use and accept the Smartson confidentiality policy.

Acceptance of the Smartson confidentiality policy is voluntary and will allow Smartson to view and manage your personal data. You will be unable to act as a tester if you choose not to submit your data to Smartson.

Obligations and the product

The terms applicable to the test in question will always be communicated on the signup page.
Different conditions are in place for different tests – either our testers will receive the product free of charge, or you will have to buy the product at a reduced price prior to testing it. You will sometimes be given the opportunity to buy the product after testing it, and in this case you will generally have the option of returning the product as well if you do not want to keep it. You also guarantee that you are not receiving any form of remuneration from the manufacturer or its representatives, or – on the other hand – the manufacturer’s competitors or their representatives.

If, as a tester, you fail to meet your obligation or perform the task, you may required to pay compensation equivalent to the market value for the product or return the product in excellent condition. Selling or pawning the product within 12 weeks of receiving it is not permitted.

Taxes and fees

Testers themselves are responsible for any additional taxes and fees for goods and services obtained for testing purposes.


As a tester, you will share your opinions, experiences and results in words, photos and videos on the Smartson shared blog during the test period. Some of this information may be personal, and as a tester you grant your consent to allow Smartson and Smartson’s client to process the information for public use for marketing purposes in relation to the product.

Honest content and personal participation

When you participate as a tester, you must be honest in your participation and your evaluation of the product and not submit misleading or incorrect information intentionally. Participating anonymously as a tester is not possible unless this has been communicated by Smartson at the start of the test. This means that you will review the product on the basis of your personal perception, and your opinions may be presented with your full first name and surname via Smartson and the client’s channels. Texts, photos, videos and opinions will also be available for an unlimited time after the end of the activity.

Copyright and protected material

You will not submit any user-generated content that is protected by copyright, trademark, commercial secret, right to publication or other right of ownership without the express consent of the owner of this copyright, trademark, commercial secret, right to publication or other right of ownership.

Approve use of information posted

As a tester, you give your permission to allow Smartson and Smartson’s client to use photos, videos and information that you have submitted, together with your name and picture, for marketing purposes, for publication online and in other media both now and in the future as long as any copyright exists. You will not make claims or assert any copyright or copyrights for any of the user-generated information.

Smartson or Smartson’s client has no obligation to offer you any payment for the content that you share or the opportunity to edit, delete or modify user-generated content admitted to Smartson.

Inappropriate material

We would like to remind you that we maintain a pleasant tone towards one another on the Smartson blog. Smartson may at any time moderate, amend or block users and posts if material is considered inappropriate or if it is deemed offensive, abusive, racist or constitutes hate speech.

Any harm or impact on health

You will test the product(s) as a tester on your own initiative and at your own risk. You will not hold Smartson or the manufacturer liable for any impact on your health on the basis of this test.

You are aware that there may be risk factors beyond those to which your attention is drawn. If you are uncertain about your personal risk factors, you will consult your doctor. If you have any illness or are taking medicine, it is your responsibility to consult your doctor with regard to potential impact on your health and whether participation is appropriate for you.


I confirm that I am at least 18 years old, that I have read and understood the meaning of the preceding text and that I am competent to fulfil this agreement.

Amendments to our terms of use

We reserve the right to make changes whenever and however we consider this appropriate. We would like to encourage you to visit the site frequently for information purposes, so that you can stay up to date on our terms of use.