Terms of use


The terms and conditions below apply to you, the who are a user and who wants to participate as a test pilot for Smartson. The terms constitute an agreement between you and Smartson Consumer Services AB (a company with org. no. 556580-0157 and address Industrigatan 4 A, 112 46 Stockholm). For questions, you can contact us at:

Please see Smartson's personal data policy for questions about the processing of your personal data, which you can find here:


When you sign up as a test pilot, you agree to Smartson's terms of use as set out in this document. You also confirm that you have read Smartson's personal data policy. If you do not agree to these terms of use, you cannot participate as a test pilot for Smartson.

Obligations and delivery of test product

As a test pilot, you undertake to comply with these terms of use. Additional conditions that apply to specific tests are always communicated on the page where you register for the each test. You must find outread and follow the terms and conditions to be a test pilot for each specific test.

For different tests, different prerequisites apply for accessing the test product. As a test pilot, you either get the product free of charge or buy the product at a reduced price before the test. Sometimes you can get the opportunity to buy the product after the test. Further, there is usually the option to return the product if you don't want to keep it.

Additional information on delivery, right of withdrawal, complaints and other information required by law is available for each specific test. If you as a test pilot do not fulfill your commitment or carry out the test assignment, you may be required to pay compensation corresponding to the market value of the product or you may have to return the product in perfect condition.

It is not permitted to sell or pawn the product within 12 weeks from your receipt of the product. During this time period, ownership remains with Smartson or with Smartson's client.

Taxes and fees

You are responsible for any additional taxes for goods and services received for testing purposes. Information about other fees will appear in connection with each test assignment.


As a test pilot, you share your opinions, experiences and results in words, pictures and videos during the test period across Smartson's content channels. Parts of the information may be personal and as a test pilot you give your consent to Smartson and Smartson's contractors processing the information to be used publicly for marketing purposes about the product. Your consent means that you give Smartson and Smartson's clients the right to use the information and material without any further restrictions.

Honest content and personal participation

When you participate as a test pilot, you must be honest in your participation and in your evaluation of the product and not intentionally provide misleading or incorrect information. This means that you must review the product based on your personal opinion and that your opinions can be presented with your first and last name in Smartson's and Smartson's client's channels. It is not possible to participate as a test pilot anonymously unless specifically communicated by Smartson at the start of the test. Texts, images, videos and opinions are also available for an unlimited time after the end of the test assignment.

As a test pilot, you must act impartially and you must not review products based on direct or indirect instructions from someone else. It is of great importance that Smartson can trust that your review has not been influenced by anyone other than yourself. You also warrant that you will not receive any form of compensation from Smartson's client or its representatives or the client's competitors or representatives.

Copyright and protected material

As a test pilot, you may not submit any content that is protected by another person’s copyright, trademark, trade secret, or other intellectual property right without the expressed consent of the owner of such intellectual property right. If you name or depict another person in reviews or content, you must obtain that person's consent.

Approval of uploaded material

As a test pilot, you give your permission for Smartson and Smartson's clients to use images, video and information that you have provided to Smartson together with your name and image.

This right of use includes marketing such as publication on the internet and in other media and is granted in perpetuity and without geographical restriction. You may therefore not claim or assert any intellectual property rights for any of your submitted content. Smartson or Smartson's clients have no obligation to offer you compensation for the content you share. By accepting these terms, you agree that this compensation agreement is fair. Smartson or Smartson's clients have no obligation to edit, remove or modify content that you send to us.

Not suitable material

We want to remind you that we keep a good tone towards each other across Smartson's content channels. Smartson may at any time moderate or adjust posts or suspend users and delete posts if material is deemed inappropriate in the form of offensive, offensive or racist content.

Possible injury or health impact

You test the product(s) as a test pilot at your own initiative and risk. If there are safety instructions for a product, you must read the information and follow it. Smartson has no product liability in relation to tested products, but such liability lies with Smartson's client instead.


To participate as a test pilot, you must be at least 18 years old.

Changes to these Terms of Use

We reserve the right to make changes to the terms when and how we see fit. The changes apply to every assignment that has started after the changes have taken place. To keep up to date with our terms of use, we encourage you to visit the Smartson website.